Sunday, June 26, 2011

What does a kid think about his first time shooting

The Czar of Muscovy takes is young 'un to the range.  The lad's report makes for interesting reading.  I wish I had this list when I first took my boys shooting.

This obviously doesn't replace the Four Rules, but it looks like it would make a dandy discussion to set the expectations, should you ever be so privileged to take a youngster to his or her first range outing.


Mark Alger said...

That's actually pretety close to how I was taught, lo these many, many, many, many ::breathe:: many moons ago. Except that, for me "Daddy gets mad" translated into "Daddy deliver Gibbs slap to back of head." That and most of my early training was with rifles.

His idea of a low-and-slow handgun for kids is not a bad one. My paternal grandfather loaded his .357 with primer-only loads, plugged with wax bullets. We'd shoot in the basement at a swinging spool from Grandma's sewing kit. An excellent first encounter with the beasties.


TW: ilest -- yes, it is.

kx59 said...

Apparently, Czar junior is a future deep thinker like the Czar. There was one thought that stuck in my head at the age of 12 after my very first shot at my very first trap shooting experience.
"don't plant your sweaty cheek against the stock".