Wednesday, June 15, 2011

TheOnesDay® No. 5

It's Wednesday, which means it's time to mock the First Ego, who knows everything you can learn in a book and nothing that you learn outside one.

President Obama was walking along a road in the countryside comes across a shepherd and a huge flock of sheep. He says to the shepherd, "Let me be clear: I will bet you $100 against one of your sheep that I can tell you the exact number in this flock." The shepherd thinks it over; it's a big flock so he takes the bet.

"973," says the President. The shepherd is astonished, because that is exactly right. Says "OK, I'm a man of my word, take an animal." Obama picks one up and begins to walk away.

"Wait," cries the shepherd, "Let me have a chance to get even. Double or nothing that I can guess your exact occupation." Obama smiles condescendingly and says sure. "You are the President of the United States," says the shepherd.

Obama is non-plussed. "You're right! But tell me, how did you figure that out?"

"Well," says the shepherd, "put down my dog and I will tell you."

Remember folks - mockery is Alinsky's most powerful rule.  Now that the Professor has become The Man, show him that The Man is still a ripe target for mockery.


Irish said...

LOL... :)

Josh Kruschke said...


WV. adition + d = addition.