Wednesday, June 29, 2011

TheOnesDay® No. 7

It's Wednesday, which means it's time to Mock the Lightbringer, the one who will stop the seas from rising and start to heal the planet.  And our souls.  You hater.

President Obama was visiting Capitol Hill, trying to get his budget (finally) passed.  Having had too much coffee, he found his way into the Senate Men's room for a comfort break.

While he was, err, making a Change, John Boehner came in, say the President, and went to the urinal furthest from the President.

"Hey John, thinking we can't work together?" laughed the President.

"Not at all.  I just know that whenever you see anything big, you want the government to take it over," replied the Senator.

UPDATE 29 June 2011 08:48: Bob emails to tell me that John Boehner is Speaker of the House.  Oops.  Long day yesterday.


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Two words. Ron Johnson.