Monday, June 20, 2011

Cute as a baby

Yesterday, Pistolero and Sabra took pity on me, stranded a thousand miles from my family on Father's Day.  As gracious and fun a couple you will never meet, and Pistolero already summed up how much fun we had (heh).

What he didn't say in his post was just how much baby Marie simply stole the show.  Not only is she adorable, but she is entirely charming.  The difference, of course, has been known for ages:
A beautiful woman is someone who I notice.

A charming woman is one who notices me.
Baby Marie is both beautiful and charming, and all I can say about Pistolero and Sabra is that the do good work together.  It was quite the boost to the spirits on a  Father's Day away from the family, and made me think on my own children when they were more or less Marie's age.

#1 Son playing peek-a-boo:

#2 Son gettin' his Cowboy on:

All I can say is that Marie captures what you see here precisely.

You have them for such a short time, and while it's been the best part of my life watching them grow up to Honorable Manhood, it was nothing short of a delight to have Marie remind me of that beautiful time in my life.

Thank you for that gift, my friends.

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Sabra said...

It was definitely loads of fun. Glad we could keep you company.