Tuesday, June 7, 2011

In re: "International Legitimacy"

One last thing to add to yesterday's post about the Right Thinking People® who think that America is so terrible and we should be "more like Europe" and "strive for International Legitimacy", I have one question:

What is this "International Legitimacy" of which you speak?

Do you mean the United Nations and their Human Rights Council that until recently had Syria as a sitting member in good standing?  It brings to mind the (almost certainly apocryphal) story of Gandhi, who was asked what he thought of Western Civilization.  He is said to have replied "That would be very nice indeed."

So what do I think about International Legitimacy?  That would be very nice indeed.

And that's a damned shame.  At this point I put on my old leftie hat and say that the world needs a vigorous sense of International Legitimacy.  Damned lefties have become so tribal that they can't even do what an honest left would do any more.  Stop blaming Sarah Palin for everything, and cut off the UN until they wise up, and you can actually - you know - help some poor people.  Until then, you're just a bunch of third rate intellectual poseurs trying to make yourselves feel better with a bunch of SWPL.

J'accuse, lefties.


BornLib said...

That reminds me of this recent comic by Yaakov Kirschen about the UN:

I lost my respect for the UN even back when I was a lefty. Don't feel like adhering to the Genocide Convention? Fine, we'll just call it "ethnic cleansing" instead. Carry on.

Dave H said...

"International Legitimacy"? That sounds like it should go with the caption for the Meetings demotivational poster: "None of us is as dumb as all of us."

Ritchie said...

This post is George Bush's fault. Oh, and could we move the United Nations Convention Center and Massage Parlor to the upper part of the UP? The other blood suckers want a turn.