Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Blogson is simply on fire

His first day of blogging is quite something to see.  Not just pizza trucks with mensa bumper stickers, but the financial collapse in Greece, Fred Thompson, and even a TheOnesDay® joke.

Quite a polymath, right there, and quite frankly puts my first day of blogging to shame.


Dan said...

Wow, thanks blogfather! Hopefully I can continue the fight!

fatfred said...

I hate then too. My father and both
of my uncles hated them. All three
served in WW2. At different times all three told me to never trust anyone who thought Hitler was right about anything. The American version is just a weak imitation of the German NSDAP or KLAN.

Jay G said...

Now you know how I feel. It's awesome watching them spread their wings and fly high...

Josh Kruschke said...

Fatfred -

FYI when that pucture was taken, it wasn't some imitation Nazi Party it was the Nazi Party. In the thirties they had branch offices in the states. They'd throw parades and everything.

Every hate group has the potential for great stupidity that can lead to great tragedy, and I wouldn't be so quick to right-off or diminish any such group capacity of stupid.

My 2 cents,