Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hey, rube!

Back when I was a Wee Lad growing up in the 1960s, times were unsettled.  But there was the sense that we could change things, by changing people's minds.  I think that there was a lot of that which happened in the 60s, and for the better.  Segregation was ended, because people were persuaded that it was wrong to treat people differently, just because they weren't exactly like the rest of us.

We persuaded people that this sort of thinking was unfair, and wrong.  Judge the person, not the appearance.

It was wrong, and we made people ashamed to think that way.

And back then, it was only a dream that we might someday elect a President who would heal our souls, and who would get the children of University Professors to sit down in fellowship with the children of Sharecroppers.

Oh, well.  "Sloped headed"?  Srlsy?


This is the point where every Progressive can just shut up and sit down in the back of the room.  Grownups are talking here.


Jay G said...

If I weren't a coast-dwelling "better", I'd be offended. I mean, I live in urbane Massachusetts. We can even get arugula here.

Then again, if I were a 5'2" former crackhead living in New Jersey, I'd probably lash out too...

John Farrier said...

I'm just glad that they're saying out loud what they've always thought.

Goober said...

Standing offer asscheese...

This flyover slopehead will go one-to-one with you any day in any intelligence test you can come up with - IQ, civics, trivia - you name it. I'll be there. We'll see who is the dumbass.

Oh, wait, you're a crackhead... We already know who the dumbass is, don't we?