Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The most depressing thing I've read is a long time

"I remember that country. I lived there when I was a boy."

Yeah, me too.


Boat Guy said...

As did I...
It's interesting to see how events of my childhood; the devaluation of our coinage for example, are now becoming apparent to me as the fruads they are.
The country finally owned up to real liberties for blacks and in the same year destroyed many black families ("Unintended Consequences" of the "Great Society" anyone?).
Gordon Liddy's book titled "When I was a kid, this was a free country" shows a High School curriculum more rigorous than most of those for graduate degrees today.
The erosion of our economy, society and liberties is now apparent to those of us looking back at the events of our lives. The question becomes; can we save the country we know of as the USA?
Will we?

BS Footprint said...

I remember that country, too.

Funny, one phrase I used to hear as a kid, but no longer: "It's a free country" meaning: do as you like, since it won't hurt anyone but possibly yourself.

Secesh said...

We certainly got the "change", but where's the "hope"?

CoolChange©© said...

Depressing, true. I miss Walter Cronkite, and David and Chet.