Monday, June 20, 2011

Just because

The last few days have found me going back through my pictures.  Being a dad wasn't just fun when they were little.  This is 11 year old #2 Son, shooting a real man's rifle (.30 WCF).  Back In The Day, I emailed it to Kim du Toit with the story of how even stuck as we were behind enemy lines in Massachusetts, I was getting the boys their proper education.  He kindly posted it.

Around Labor Day, I'll teach him to drive.  It's quite something to see your children first take charge of - and then master - dangerous machinery.


Rev. Paul said...

BOTH of my daughters want to learn to drive, this year. It will be a wonder if my wife & I survive the journey.

Okay, I'm only half serious.

kx59 said...

We did the homeschool version of drivers ed. with the two middle children. It saved a few bucks, but I'm not entirely convinced it was worth it. I think I lost a year or two off the back end of my lifespan.