Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A play within a play

One of the laziest tropes among playwrights is the play-within-the-play, where the actors act on putting on a play.  It's cliche, and even The Bard of Stratford himself fell into this, these four centuries ago.

In Shakespeare's defense, he may have been an early practitioner of the art.

We've just seen this play out on the TV News, with Andrew Breitbart's astonishing cooption of Rep. Weiner's presser.  The other newsmen started questioning Breitbart, who took the podium to answer his fellow news hounds:
What was interesting is that Andrew Breitbart, the non-authorized journalist who broke the story about Representative Wiener's wiener, had heard about the press conference, happened to be in New York at the time and decided to drop in and see what the good Representative had to say.

When the authorized journalists realized he was there, they started asking him questions, so he took the stage and began answering them
It's a play within a play.  The ostensible story is Rep. Weiner's, err, weiner.  The real story is the collapse of the news media, on camera.  The lack of self-awareness on display is simply mind boggling.  As with the lazy playwright, the MSM is seemingly entirely unaware that they're the one in the spotlight:
The video embedded in the linked story cuts off before this occurred, and I doubt you'll see much about it in the main stream media, but one of the authorized journalists asked Breitbart a question that just blew my doors off.

I may not be remembering it verbatim, but it was something to the effect of:

"What did you hope to accomplish by breaking this story."


Excuse me?

What does ANY journalist hope to accomplish by breaking ANY news story?

Isn't it supposed to be informing the public about the news?
And so - as with King Claudius - we see the truth revealed from their own reaction. 

The Left likes to pride itself on its intelligence and perception.  They don't get it that they're Claudius and Gertrude.  And yet they keep insisting that they're the smart ones, as they keep stumbling into their enemy's trap.  Fascinating.

Can I please have a higher caliber drivel?  This is drivel of a shockingly low caliber.

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