Saturday, June 25, 2011

Boy, was that fun!

Many, many thanks to Ye Old Furt, Alan, Tomscathanger, Kx59, and of course the South Texas Gunblogger's Community Organizer, Southern Belle (I've  shamefully left someone out, but like an idiot I didn't write down a list of all who showed up; please leave a comment and I'll update the list for Fame and Posterity).

Great company, comradeship, and conversation, while making things go "bang".  The venue - Lone Star Gun Range - was exceptionally relaxed and hospitable, even after the recent tragic death of the owner.  But the Range Masters were knowledgeable and friendly, and the accommodations were all that you could ask (OK, we could ask for something less than the 147° temperature, but that's hardly their fault).

After, we adjourned to Black's BBQ in Lockhart for more company, comradeship, and conversation, this time accompanied by this barbarous but strangely seductive brisket thing so popular here.

Thanks to everyone for sharing their guns, and it was nice to go to a blogshoot where I could share mine with people.  Oh, and I now know how to get literally everyone in the firing line to put down their gun and come stand and watch you.  More on that tomorrow, but it involves this:

Range report on that baby tomorrow, but thanks to Ye Old Furt for letting me shoot her.  I'm still grinning ear to ear.

UPDATE 26 June 2011 09:39: Shilo1862 was the one I shamefully left out.  Mea culpa.


kx59 said...

You should keep an eye on your jeep. It appears it has been keeping bad company. I suspect fisherman, as it has learned to lie about the heat. No way it was that hot, couldn't have been north of 105.

kx59 said...

It was Mark that you missed, his online handle escapes me...

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Texas, and Happy blogoversary by the way.

shiloh1862 said...

It was a blast in more ways then shooting goodness. It was an honor and pleasure to have met everyone! And I thank all of you.


Hat Trick said...

Sounds like you had some fun.

" I now know how to get literally everyone in the firing line to put down their gun and come stand and watch you."

A person who shall remain nameless showed up for one of our CMP service rifle matches with an original Trapdoor Springfield in
.45-70 with blackpowder loads(of course)just for grins. Should have heard the good natured cussing when the smoke blew across the rest of the line and you couldn't see the targets. :-) I shot my rapid-fire series extra fast just so I could watch him work that single shot trying to finish in the required time.