Monday, December 21, 2009

"We spend it on things that cost a lot and end up doing very little good for the climate. That's stupid."

Fox has a great show on Climate change up. The part that I think is most significant is the bit with Bjorn Lomborg:

The other five parts are linked by Youtube - watch (or skip) to the end.

Long time readers will know my attitude about Global Warming: it's been happening for a long time, mankind's contribution to the process is negligible at best, and that proposals to deal with the problem are very likely a huge grab for power and money by the political class.

But Lomborg's point needs to be highlighted in bold and underlined in red. Assume that man-made warming is real, and it's serious. If you were going to spend a Trillion dollars helping mankind, would you spend it on reducing carbon emissions?

He elaborates at length on this in his TED talk.

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