Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Referrer Madness

It's odd what leads some folks to this little corner of Al Gore's Intarwebz.

Mac Fanboys vs Windows Fanboys vs Linux Fanboys

Cage match! I'm betting on the Linux fanboys, because they're used to fighting sneaky. Mac Fanboys are too emo, and the Windows dudes got no security.

i hacked neighbor's wifi. now what do i do?

It's customary to bring it back with a full tank. If you want to add a personal gesture of appreciation, you might get it washed, too.

damnyankee 2 words?

Like they say in Maine, ayuh.


Bob said...

Actually here in the south there is a distinction between a Yankee, which is a person from the North who might come down here occasionally to vacation, and a Damnyankee, which is a person from the north who comes down here and stays, saying things like well back in Noo Yawk we didn't (fill in the blank), to which the usual response is I don't give a shit how you did it back in Noo Yawk, ya Damnyankee.

Damn Yankee (with a space) would be more often used as a general epithet to describe Yankee behavior, e.g., That damn Yankee comes down here thinking he knows what a mosquito is, well hell, he ain't seen a mosquito yet 'till he's seen the sonsabitches they have here in Florida...

Eagle said...

I am a heavy Linux user and developer.

I'm also a heavy Mac user and developer.

I'm also just heavy, and need to lose weight.

I often argue with myself whether I should stop using OS X (BSD Unix, actually) and stick with Linux. But, then, I argue with myself that Linux is less stable and less "friendly" than OS X.

It's not that I have these arguments with myself all that often, but I find that I disagree with myself when I find myself trying to decide whether I should use Linux or OS X for a certain task.

Schizophrenia is a double-edged sword. One of these days, I'm gonna trip over that d*mned sword and hurt myself...

kahr40 said...

Bob covered Yankee and Damn Yankee. I and my friends acknowledge a third variation: goddamn Yankee. they're the ones who move down here vote and run for office. Some, to be fair, move down here because they like the South and after a few years become naturalized Southerners. My ex is one such.