Monday, December 28, 2009

The Infrastructure of the 21st Century is built from Moonbeams and Spun Sugar

That's a quote stolen from my old friend Ken Hardwick. Marcus Ranum explains why.

If you want to understand why Internet Security is so broken, this Ted Talk is a good introduction.


Anonymous said...

It appears then that our saving grace is the face that this is a software problem and can therefore be fixed somewhat more easily than a hardware problem!


Borepatch said...

Jim, the only reason that the Lord could create teh entire heavens and earth on only six days was that He had no installed base to support.

Anonymous said...

I don't have 20 minutes to watch TED yet...

Security wasn't planned. The internet was open and free. Security thwarts that and makes it the opposite of what it was designed to do.

As in everything; people messed it up. As long as there's people there's no security. You can make it harder and harder, but you're not secure or ever will be.

It's the same as thinking owning a gun makes you safe... it just helps the odds of survival. A BG can still kill you first.