Friday, December 25, 2009

Forget the Christmas cookies

Home made cinnamon rolls are better.


Anonymous said...

So I'm sitting here, reading over some of my favorite conservative blogs...having a snack.
I take the last bite just as I hit your place.
You guessed it, it was a cinnamon roll. (with a thick chunk of summer sausage to go along)


Cemetery's Gun Blob said...

Oh Momma.... they look tasty....

Merry Xmas!!

Wild Ed said...

So tell us the recipe. Merry Christmas, Wild Ed
Wild Ed's Texas Outdoors

Brad_in_IL said...


You ever have schnecken? You haven't lived until you've had schnecken. Don't get me wrong, those cinnamon buns look terrifically tasty, but oooooh, when the schnecken beckons . . . resistance is futile.

- Brad