Saturday, December 26, 2009

Two thirds of USA gets a White Christmas

First ever blizzard in west Texas.

Europe hammered by snow; many dead.

Stranded London rail passengers rescued by Steam Train. The electric trains couldn't get through, since the blizzard took out the power lines.

Yes, yes. This is weather, not climate. You do know the difference, don't you?

Weather - a localized condition, unrelated to global climate change.

Climate - anything that proves Global Warming.

Via Watts Up With That. Picture via Theo Spark.


Sevesteen said...

It isn't global warming, it is global climate change--As mankind's greedy abuse of Mother Gaea continues, the climate will become more unpredictable, therefore our inability to predict the direction or magnitude of climate change proves that we are right.
(Note to the humor impaired--the above "we" does not include me)

Carteach said...