Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hey, at least he won the Nobel Prize!

Always trust content from Borepatch! Right after last year's election, I wrote:
The best case scenario is that we get something like what's happening in Massachusetts right now. A young, charismatic african american democrat was elected on a transformational message 2 years ago. He hasn't accomplished anything so far, even with a strongly democratic legislature. By "nothing" I mean I literally cannot think of a single thing that he's gotten done.
Healthcare? Tanking. Cap and Trade? Stick a fork in it. The Economy? The voters will let you get away with a massive "stimulus" payoff to your cronies, but you'd better deliver the goods. So far, that doesn't look like it's happening. I blame all those Republican fillibusters. What's that? There haven't been any?

Gee, just like Massachusetts. I'd pat myself on the head for my far-sighted prediction, but you don't need Spidy-sense to see this coming.

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BobG said...

I blame it on Bush.©

Isn't that the politically correct response?