Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I did it all for you

Every day in the lead up to Christmas, I've been posting a song. Today I have a terrific modern day Carol from Kristyn Osborn of SheDAISY (with Marcus Hummon). It sadly does not have a video, but you can listen to it on iTunes. You can get all the lyrics here:
Shedaisy: I sold your Rolex
To buy that gold Versace dress
Rascal Flatts: I set free your whiny French poodle
So you could get your beauty rest

And I did it all for you
I did it all (I did it all) for you
This Christmas (This Christmas)
All your dreams (All your dreams)
Will come true

Rascal Flatts: I put your mother on a greyhound (Shedaisy: you did what?)
You always hoped she'd have the chance to see the world-now she can
Shedaisy: I torched your Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues (Rascal Flatts: No, no, no,no)
So I could be your only girl-and now I am
Heartwarming. I like the verse about selling his bass boat.

Here's wishing you a merry and conflict-free holiday season.

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Paladin said...

I like this song - heard it for the first time a couple of days ago :)

Caught Miranda Lambert up at one of the Indian Casinos in Oklahoma a couple of weeks ago. No surprise Blake appearance, but it was an awesome concert none the less.