Wednesday, December 23, 2009

So much for "protecting the UK's national interest"

Remember how the UK Meterological Office turned down a Freedom of Information Act request for theCRU's climate data? Because they said that it would damage the UK's international relations?


The UK Met Office has released a large tranche of station data, together with code.

Only last summer, the Met Office had turned down my FOI request for station data, saying that the provision of station data to me would threaten the course of UK international relations. Apparently, these excuses have somehow ceased to apply.

What's absolutely hilarious is that these cadres of the Intellectual Left are so firmly convinced that they're smarter than the Average Bear. It's simply astonishing the number of times you hear an explanation from one of these self-described Elite and think: That's it? That's the best they can do?

Seems it is.

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