Friday, July 11, 2014

Unconditional Surrender

Tokyo civilian dead after the firebomb attacks
Both Nazi German and Imperial Japan saw themselves as races of Supermen, destined to rule over lesser breeds.  Both underestimated their opponents.  Both overreached in their ambitions.  Both surrendered unconditionally to their foes.

They surrendered because they both lost the will to fight.  While some hardliners wanted to fight to the last bullet and baby, the countries and their leadership were exhausted and packed it in.  Seventy years of peace resulted.

This was in great contrast to the Great War.  A mere two decades after the November Armistice, Neville Chamberlin flew to Munich in a doomed attempt to avoid a second war.  What was the difference between World Wars 1.0 and 2.0?

It's because in 2.0 the losers knew that they had lost.  They had had enough of what their leaders had gotten them into.

The Czar of Muscovy muses on a surprising poll of the American public's opinion on post-war Presidents:
Last week, despite the intense suppression of the main stream media, the generally pro-liberal Quinnipiac polling team released a poll that asked folks who the best and worst presidents have been in living memory (since World War II, which is fair enough). The results were unexpected, at least by the Czar:


This chart is a stunning damnation of Obama. Americans have had it: they want Reagan back. They want his pro-growth programs, his foreign policy, his leadership. Not Hope and Change: America has finished with this. And coming in a mid-term election year, this poll just about punts the Democrats in the crotch.
The Obama Administration is very like the Imperial Japanese War Cabinet: arrogant, sure of their superiority over "lesser breeds" (for example, the ones that you find in Alabama or Oklahoma), convinced that their plans will result in domination and glory for their cause.  Indeed, Obama himself is perhaps the best example of the new Intellectual Class - credentialed but not educated, product of ideological indoctrination, thin skinned, dismissive of his opponents.

His "Hope and Change" mission is now revealed to the American People in its complete folly, just as the corruption of Bushido became revealed to the population of Tokyo.  Great damage is being done to this Republic and to its people.  The Czar continues:
Another item uncovered in the poll: yes, the country has changed its mind. 54% (a six-point lead) of the country wants Mitt Romney president. The Czar is beyond pissed about this, since no doubt that 54% more than includes the millions of Republicans who decided not to vote in 2012 because they were so sure Obama was done for on his own. You stupid morons. Stupid, stupid, stupid morons.
Here I must disagree with our Autocrat.  The Republic was not certain in 2012 that Romney's vision of the world was superior to Obama's.  Had Mittens taken up residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the poll would have been much different.  The Senate would have stymied Romney just as the House has stymied Obama.  The Press would have had 18 months to savage the Romney Administration.

Most importantly of all, Obama's sad sack "Hope and Change" mission would not have been revealed to the American People in its full folly.  Indeed, Obama excels at campaigning, and at blaming his opponents for everything.  He would have been eligible for a second term.  He would at this very moment be gearing up his re-election campaign, and helping Democratic candidates in the mid-term elections.  The Press would be working overtime to help him, and them.

Instead, even the Press sees him as a sad sack lame duck, empty of vision or ability to lead.  He's no more use to them now, being ineligible to run for office.  The Democratic Party hardliners are in despair.  And remember, there will be two more years of President Empty Suit to keep that despair sharp.

This country has flirted with what can only be described as fascism, according to Mussolini's definition: everything within the State, nothing outside the State, nothing against the State.  Obama has convinced the people that this was a horrific mistake, by essentially allowing the middle class to be firebombed by terrible policy.

If Romney had won in 2012 this realization never would have dawned and there would be loud calls to implement the rest of the Hope And Change fascist agenda.  In two more years this agenda will be so politically toxic that its proponents will have no choice but unconditional surrender.  Toxic because of the massive damage to the middle class that is blamed on Obama, not on Romney.  Sure, you'll still have the oddball hardliner like Vermont's Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders - but he's the Left's version of Ron Paul, and will have as much impact.

I pointed this out in 2012 when I endorsed Obama for President in a very unpopular post.  But this is how I called it then:
A RINO President will demoralize the one significant spark of change that we've seen, the only reaction to an out of control Fed.Gov, our only hope of putting the brakes on before we're as wrecked as Greece.  And quite frankly, a withering of the Tea Party reform movement will be a delight to a GOP Establishment every bit as corrupt and venal - and power mad - as Nancy Pelosi.

And so, it is our civic duty to take a hit for our Country.  Put Obama back in office, unfettered.  The orgy of Progressive overreach by Regulation will be sporadically (and mostly ineffectively) resisted by a corrupt Big Government GOP.  The Agencies will rule the land, and the economy will remain seized up.

And rather than a million Tea Partiers taking to the streets, it will be two million, or three. 
I was wrong in that there has not (yet) been a repeat of the massive public demonstrations that we saw in 2010.  However, the polls show that the spirit that informed the Tea Party movement is waxing.  Because of Obama.
Rebuilding a party that Reagan might actually recognize is what this country needs - and right now, damn it - and Mitt Romney isn't the man to do it.

Barack Obama is.
And he seems to be doing a bang-up job of it.


drjim said...

Great post!

Yes, we needed two terms of Ovomit just to show how bad it can get, and to give us real "hope" for a "change" back to the true conservative values that made this the greatest country on Earth.

The problem now becomes who takes on the battered Democratic machine in 2016?

Dave H said...

The "intense suppression of the main stream media" isn't so intense; I saw the result reported in several news outlets. I'm not too surprised at the current president's score. I'm more surprised that Reagan is remembered so fondly.

I remember when you called it, BP. I was skeptical; I thought all Obama had to do was coast after being re-elected and his party would rule for a thousand years. But I misjudged his inability to leave damned well enough alone. He forgot Schmidt's Law: If you mess with something long enough, it'll break.

Differ said...

Oh, prescient one!

Jester said...

I remember you saying it would be better for us if Obama won. I still disagree with that on the simple principal based on the fact that the Retardagains will probably find a way to screw it up even more so. Obama Care? We know it won't get repealed. We will get patch work fixes instead of what the system really needed.

I agree that much of America is tired of this administration, but the Media is still carrying his water at least for now because they need not him but his policies to succeed or not be questioned. If there were half of the alphabet soup agency scandals going on during perhaps any other administration there would be a daily drum roll for Obama to go and for officials to be held accountable.

No, I don't think we are any where near close to out of this yet. Yes the Middle Class is effectively cratered. (Try telling a liberal that the gaps between the "Rich" and poor have grown during this administration.) The problem is we have a huge, huge amount of the population that is on the dole. They get some form of subsidy. They don't want to give it up. Instead of politicians saying I'll get rid of my subsidy if you get rid of yours we have I'll protect yours if you protect mine. What, sure I'll vote for this guy but don't he dare take away what I get from the .gov folks.

No, I don't think it has gotten bad enough. Remember stating that Mittens would win in a landslide? If the Retardagains could have fielded someone that was visibly different with an actual plan.. Oh and someone that perhaps had not passed their own healthcare bill suspiciously like Obamacare. This is who they find to run? Hell no, and I would go so far as to say that the next voting cycle may give a few more Rs to the cesspool that is DC but I would not think for a minute -as things stand now- that the Republicans would have a chance at the White house. Why you ask? Instead of making the Obama and the Administration -enact the law as written- they just roll over. Even when they fight the Media still carries the water for the causes they too champion.

People don't know enough to question what is going on. It is uncomfortable to try to do something more than a Meme on Facebook. That is the the state of things right now. RINOs don't offer much in the way of change and the Media will never let anyone with any other different ideas gain traction.

Now if this inflation that is is going rampant, and the housing market finally corrects again and people's 401ks crash to the ground, then you will see something happen in the near term.
So long as there are stop gap kick the can measures put in place by both parties to pass it down to the next party in power...

Well I'm just not optimistic that we are anywhere near unconditional surrender.

Wraith said...

Damn right, I want Reagan back. Start digging him up; he'll still do a better job than this buckethead.

Michael Brahier said...

Hopefully those not taking to the streets are figuring out better choices to make than that of Fascist vs Fascist lite.

No solutions will come from DC.

Michael Brahier said...

And great post, Borepatch.