Sunday, July 6, 2014

Reminder: Blogmeet next Saturday

OldNFO will be in town, which is a great excuse to get together for lunch, conversation, and Secret Squirrel type goings on.  As it turns out, next Saturday is also the 150th anniversary of when General Sherman sent the 400 Roswell women mill workers north to concentration camps.  There will be reenactments, events, and local history.  If you're a New England Yankee (or like Differ, an Old England Yankee), then this is a chance to get an unusual and rarely taught glimpse into American history.

Time: Saturday 12 July, 11:30

Place: Mac McGee's Irish Pub, Canton St Roswell GA

Please leave a comment if you're planning on attending so we can get a big enough table.


Old NFO said...

I'll be there! :-)

Differ said...


Dirk said...

Tentative. Supposed to be driving to Arkansas to visit dear ol' Dad this weekend, but work issues may interfere with that. If I don't make the drive, I'll be there.