Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Eat less and exercise more?

Nah.  Give me a pill.

The doctor's office called today with results from the blood work.  Surprisingly, I have an infection (non symptomatic), and so they want me to do a round of low level antibiotics.  I can't remember the last time I took those, which I guess means that I've been generally in good health.

The surprise was that my cholesterol was way up.  Strange, because my weight has been stable and my diet really hasn't changed.  They want to put me on a pill, which I'm resisting.  So their resident nutritionist is going to give me a call.  That can't hurt, I guess, although I can imagine the recommendation will be to watch my intake of things I like.

But this led me to wonder - is there a link between increased cholesterol and stress?  Low and behold, yes:
Stress can have a powerful, indirect effect on your cholesterol too. If you overeat, smoke, or turn into a couch potato in response to high anxiety, you're giving in to unhealthy lifestyle habits that can raise levels of bad-guy LDLs and erode levels of good-guy HDLs. Gaining excessive weight, eating a diet high in saturated fats, smoking cigarettes, and avoiding exercise can all deep-six healthy cholesterol.
Well, well, well.  Looks like I need to do more on the elliptical machine.  Oh, and cutting back on the stress would be OK, too.


Dave H said...

Every time my doctor orders blood work she scratches her head. I'm seriously obese, have high blood pressure, and my drug of choice when stressed is food, but my LDL and triglycerides are perfect and my HDL is at the low edge of the normal range. She tells me to eat more fish and nuts and shoos me out of the office.

If you find a way to cut back on the stress, I want to hear about it.

B said...

You need to lower stress? A good reason to have another drink. It relaxes you.

If you drink red wine there are flavinoids or whatever that are supposed to reduce your cholesterol even more.

Me, I prefer bourbon.

Old NFO said...

Stress... trust me it DOES have an impact!

Steve Parker, M.D. said...

One of the first things I do when I see a lab result that doesn't quite fit the clinical picture is repeat the test to make sure it's real.


drjim said...

Besides eating lots of oatmeal, a Niacin supplement also helps lower your levels.

drjim said...

Besides eating lots of oatmeal, a Niacin supplement also helps lower your levels.

Borepatch said...

B - hadn't thought of red wine, but not a bad idea.

Dr. Parker, that was the first thing I had thought.

Dr. Jim, I hadn't known that, but will start that tomorrow.

Ratus said...

I'd recommend you reduce your daily intake of stupid.


Richard Blaine said...

More shooting - shooting is know to relieve stress.

libertyman said...

I would not take statins, as they damage the liver.

And you need your liver, especially on weekends.