Saturday, July 12, 2014

Roswell Open Carry event

There's quite a crowd of Civil War re-enactors in downtown Roswell this weekend (yesterday. today, and tomorrow).  They're here for the 150th anniversary of the deporting of the Roswell Women:
Women, children and some men who worked at Sweetwater and Roswell Mills were arrested in July 1864 for treason at Sherman’s orders. The mills were producing materials that made Confederate uniforms. When Sherman found out the mills were operational, he ordered the workers arrested and mills closed and burned.

“These women were arrested simply by doing their jobs and trying to keep food on the table,” Sutherland said.

The women were taken by foot and ordered to march from Roswell and Lithia Springs area to the Georgia Military Institute, where the Hilton Atlanta/Marietta Hotel & Conference Center now stands. From there they were brought to Atherton Square in Marietta and put on trains for deportation north.

“Many (of the women) were never heard of again and never able to return to their homes or see their families again,” Sutherland said.
I've written about the incident here, and $100 says that this event is not covered by the Common Core curriculum.  I'm glad to see the town not let this drop into the memory hole.  There was quite a large turnout today, with hundreds of spectators.  And dozens of re-enactors.

The elegance of a lost world.

The 20th Ohio who burned the mill.

Guns are everywhere - period weapons, that is.  This was not only a tasty Spencer carbine, but led to a quite interesting discussion of how you stow the thing for a trot.

Southern belles.  Pretty hot for the hoopskirts.

Mauro grew up in Rome, but has been a citizen for decades.  He doesn't have a higher opinion of Mr. Sherman than I do.

The mill manager was French, and flew le Tricolour outside the mill when the damnyankees showed up.  It didn't help.

Please send this to General Sherman with my compliments.

This guy laughed when I asked if the chicks dig the cavalry.  Chase me, ladies, I'm cavalry!

But business is business.  These chicks most definitely did not dig the cavalry that was herding them towards cattle cars to take them to concentration camps.  And yes, that was exactly what happened.

Round up the usual suspects ...

The soldiers are camping at Barrington Hall.  I may go see if Mauro and a couple of his dashing cavalry companions want to go for a beer this evening.  Hey, chicks dig the cavalry, right?


Old NFO said...

Interesting tale, an no, NOT in common core... Neither is the fact that Blacks took up arms and we able to be freed if they fought for the South...

Chickenmom said...

Southern history was never taught up here in the North, even when I was a kid (eons ago). If anyone wants to know the real truth about that war, you must read, read, read!
Sherman was a madman.

Borepatch said...

Chickenmom, that's absolutely true. But I don't remember the story of the Roswell mill even in Shelby Foote's history.

And I think that Sherman wasn't mad - he was America's first war criminal.

Alma Boykin said...

Ah, hoopskirts are cooler than crinolines. Now, the bodice can get a little warm, depending on your corseting and chemises, but full skirts are not bad at all in the heat. Been there, worn that, have the petticoat(s).

Dorsai said...

Thus always to traitors and to those who think other Americans are property.

Jefferson Selvy said...

I'm sure those mill workers owned just hundreds of slaves.