Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Malware is like biological pathanogenic weapons

Once you release them into the wild, there's no telling where they will infect something.  The Covertress (on a hopefully remunerative hiatus) emails to point this out:
Security researchers have uncovered a new Stuxnet like malware, named as “Havex”, which was used in a number of previous cyber attacks against organizations in the energy sector.

Just like Famous Stuxnet Worm, which was specially designed to sabotage the Iranian nuclear project, the new trojan Havex is also programmed to infect industrial control system softwares of SCADA and ICS systems, with the capability to possibly disable hydroelectric dams, overload nuclear power plants, and even can shut down a country’s power grid with a single keystroke.
Well done, Cyber Warriors of Freedom!  You slowed down the Iranians by months!  Err, but now there's a cleanup on Aile European Power Grid.  I'm sure that you're all over this, right?  Kthanxbai.

P.S. Stalin would have had you all sent to Siberia.  Or liquidated.

P.P.S. Morons.

P.P.P.S. Note to Progressives everywhere: Observe your Philosopher Kings in action.  Top.  Men.


Dave H said...

I'm pretty sure the Philosopher Kings aren't the ones selling instrumentation and controls with crappy QA and nonexistent security, and telling their users how to connect it all to the Internet. That'd be money-grubbing capitalists like my company doing that.

Goober said...

Cyber warfare is here to stay. I don't think building Stuxnet was a bad idea. I think it was inevitable. Whoever did it, if they didn't, someone else would have.

Too much stuff is vulnerable, though. Same logic as building a heat seeking missile, then selling it on the open market before you ahve the capability to defend against the technology.

THAT's where they fell down. You don't produce and sell hyper-sonic cruise missiles for which you have no defense, when you have the largest navy on Earth. You keep that missile secret.

Stuxnet, bt it's very nature, was a weapon that the developer "gave" away while using it, and no one seems to have any defense against this type of attack. Stupid.

Old NFO said...

Step up or get stepped ON... Choices... choices...