Sunday, July 20, 2014

Johann Christoph Pepusch - Concerto for Violin, Strings & Basso Continuo in A minor

Sometimes it seems that all the English composers of the early 18th century were actually German, come to the court of the new Hannoverian monarchs.  John Christopher Pepusch was one such, born Johann Christoph in Berlin.

Perhaps best known for his arrangement of The Beggar's Opera, he represented the best of the late baroque.  He also founded the Academy of Ancient Music, dedicated to performing pieces that were at least 100 years old.  That organization petered out, but has been revived and is active today.


libertyman said...

Another new one for me. Thus increasing the diffusion of knowledge.
Always a favorite part of Sunday mornings.

Old NFO said...

Thanks, nice way to start the day! :-)

Chickenmom said...

Perfect for today!