Friday, July 4, 2014

The pets do not like fireworks

Neither Crash the Wondercat nor Wolfgang are particularly happy with all of the explosions going on around us.  It's like a thunder storm that goes on for hours.


Old NFO said...

Can't blame em... Idjits here woke me up at midnight with fireworks... sigh

Brigid said...

We spent the day with friends in the Chicago area. Like guns were for the longest time, fireworks are illegal in the city. You can't buy them, you can't detonate them but for the city displays. They are illegal to buy here or use.

The neighborhood fireworks started about 8:30 am and continued on past midnight. Constant. Non Stop. I've been in Beirut and it's been quieter. I've lived in cities that allowed fireworks and not heard 1/100 of the firework noise around me on Independence Day. If you go downtown and look west, the entire sky would be lit up with private, illegal fireworks.

The fireworks ban.

It works about as good as the gun ban.

I was tempted to invite a "we need more gun laws!" person over to the barbecue. I would have suggested they bring ear protection.