Thursday, July 24, 2014

Record cold in Australia

I blame Global Warming:
If you are lucky enough to be reading this from the comfort of your blankets, it might be best to stay there, as Brisbane has hit its coldest temperatures in 103 years.
Not since July 28 1911 has Brisbane felt this cold, getting down to a brisk 2.6C at 6.41am.


“The average for this time of year is 12C, so Brisbane was about 9C below average, it is pretty impressive really, to have the coldest morning in 103 years is a big record.”
The coldest place across the state was Oakey which got down to -6.1C, which was the coldest temperature for the town since 2011.
Warmists roll their eyes when we post this sort of thing, muttering "weather, not climate", and then turn around and breathlessly post hyperventilating hysterics for every record high.  So I'll just pour a nice hot cup of schadenfreude and serve with a hot buttered mockery.

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