Friday, July 4, 2014

Report from the Front Lines

It sounds like a war zone.  #2 Son and I are weeding and mulching the rose garden here at Camp Borepatch.  From the explosions going off all around us, I think I'll do a quick circuit to check on the concertina wire and claymores.

Fortunately it's in the low 80s and low humidity (thank you Hurricane Arthur!) but dang, this is making me mean, nasty and tired.

Good looking, too ...


Anonymous said...

From Drudge: The estimated 100 protesters, including those favoring the immigrants, are being restricted to a "safety zone" away from the road. Many had remained all night at the site, vowing a repeat of Tuesday's blockade. One protester has reportedly been arrested on suspicion of attempting to convince protesters to refuse to abide by police rules.
In a shift from previous days, pro-immigrant supporters outnumbered anti-illegal immigration protesters on the dusty roads leading to the Murrieta Border Patrol facility Friday.

In April, at the Bundy Ranch it was a "free speech zone." On Independence Day, it is now a "safety zone."
If this is in your AO, or close to your AO, you need to put the burgers, beer and bikini butt's down, and get the fuck out to Marietta and represent!

Old NFO said...

ROTF... sick you are... :-)