Friday, July 4, 2014

An Independence Day Public Service Announcement

I don't usually do PSAs, but this holiday (on the shores of anglophone North America ex Canada; all others can tune out now; kthanxbai) involves explosive devices, and so this is an important safety issue that everyone should keep in mind.

Explosions can hurt (duh).  They will almost certainly cause burns, which are some of the most painful wounds you can get.  And so I agree entirely with the advice from childhood buddy 2cents (emailing from a secure, undisclosed explosives bunker somewhere south of 45° North):
Only a fool shoots off incendiary devices sober!  What if you blow off a finger or something?  Sober that would hurt.
Sure would.  I recommend drinking heavily.  These guys sure have been.

Yikes.  From the looks of things, they won't feel the burn until they sober up.


Tacitus2 said...

7am 4 July. Off to work my shift at the ER. Timely advice BP, and like most such, unlikely to be heeded.


joethefatman said...

Just yesterday I said something along the same line. I said: Y'all have a happy 4th and remember, if you don't blow a finger off YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG!

I guess I should have added the do it while drunk part.

Enjoy the 4TH

MSgt B said...


Got a bit of a head start last night. Celebrated July 3rd by drinking and lighting off some of the smaller stuff.

libertyman said...

Happy Independence Day, Ted to you and yours!

Just back from a visit to Normandy.Worth the trip for Americans to see the sacrifice we made for the liberation of Europe.