Wednesday, July 2, 2014

This holiday weekend, remember that freedom has always bloomed when watered by the blood of patriots

Up until this very day:

Jackie Rozek fights back tears after she is presented with a flag by members of the Patriot Guard Rider to honor her boyfriend, U.S. Army Pfc. Aaron Toppen during a visitation at Parkview Christian Church on June 23, 2014. (Scott Olson/Getty Images)
The Atlantic has a solemn and quite respectful photo series about the final return flight of PFC Aaron Toppen.  It's worth a look, and the pondering that will come with the look.  It reminds me of an Independence Day holiday these three years ago, when I was flying to Dad's Memorial Service.  I found myself flying with a fallen hero:
This was the view from the window on my plane, last weekend:

Photo credit: Borepatch
I was not the only one on that plane who hung back from the typical deplaning rush, watching as a dance as old as Death played out before me, out on the tarmac.  This isn't a game, and these men deserve that our leaders treat it as reverently as the military - and we - do.

Enjoy the fireworks this weekend, enjoy the time with your families and friends.  But spare a thought for those whose blood watered the Tree of Liberty.  It's their due.


Jester said...

Thank you and agreed Borepatch.

Chickenmom said...

An excellent reminder..