Thursday, July 3, 2014

No longer just for dirty hippies

Glastonbury is quite an odd - if impressive - place.  The town is a maze of crystal healing shops, almost a permanent Renaissance Festival.  The ruins of the great monastery are like nothing you've ever seen.  I actually have quite fond memories of our visit there.

That's #1 Son in the stroller.  Been a while since he was that small.  The hippy reference in the post title, of course, comes from the Glastonbury Festival, which used to attract the unwashed from the four corners of the globe.

Used to:
I wrote that (hope you can read it, click to enlarge) for Sounds Magazine back in 1979. Back then Glasto was a half arsed hippy dippie festival that you had to provide all the jollies for yourself, there weren’t even bars back then( except for us Back-stagers). There were hot dog and burger vans and folks knocking out Falafal and curries. All kinds of alternative lifestyle stalls and two stages… The Pyramid and the Other Stage. There were theatre, cinema and comedy tents/stages too, but this was all in its infancy then. Now there are over a hundred stages catering from everything from Jazz to folk to Indie to Rave to… well you just cannot imagine what Glastonbury is like unless you have experienced it. In sunshine or in rain, in hail and mud (the British spirit of the blitz really kicks in with the mud!). It is truly Alice through the Looking Glass for three days or so. A world you would love to live in but like Brigadoon, vanishes oh so quickly and you have to get back to mundane reality and the 9-5 come Monday morning.
It actually sounds like fun.  Maybe I'll get back there with #1 Son sometime.

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