Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The most Interesting Woman in the World

Lived 1000 years ago:
Dangereuse de l'Isle Bouchard (Poitevin: Dangerosa; 1079-1151) was the daughter of Bartholomew de l'Isle Bouchard. She was the maternal grandmother of the celebrated Eleanor of Aquitaine. She was also mistress to her granddaughters' paternal grandfather William IX, Duke of Aquitaine.[1] As the mistress of William the Troubadour, she was known as La Maubergeonne for the tower he built for her at his castle in Poitiers. Dangereuse was a sobriquet she received for her seductiveness; her baptismal name may have been Amauberge.
Yeah, baby!  It's on my bucket list to date a woman known as "Dangereuse" ...

Except maybe from Kiev:
The following account is taken from the Primary Chronicle. Princess Olga [born c. 890 died 11 July 969] was the wife of Igor of Kiev, who was killed by the Drevlians. At the time of her husband's death, their son Svyatoslav was three years old, making Olga the official ruler of Kievan Rus until he reached adulthood. The Drevlians wanted Olga to marry their Prince Mal, making him the ruler of Kievan Rus, but Olga was determined to remain in power and preserve it for her son.

The Drevlians sent twenty of their best men to persuade Olga to marry their Prince Mal and give up her rule of Kievan Rus. She had them buried alive. Then she sent word to Prince Mal that she accepted the proposal, but required their most distinguished men to accompany her on the journey in order for her people to accept the offer of marriage. The Drevlians sent their best men who governed their land. Upon their arrival, she offered them a warm welcome and an invitation to clean up after their long journey in a bathhouse. After they entered, she locked the doors and set fire to the building, burning them alive.
Rumor has it that your Czar of Muscovy was Olga's boyfriend, but since he wasn't burned to death, this is entirely rumor and conjecture.  Because what happens in Kiev stays in Kiev, истолковывать?


Michael Brahier said...

Where do you find this stuff?

Borepatch said...

Michael, that's classified. ;-)

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