Thursday, July 24, 2014

Greenpeace supporters in open revolt over executive who commutes by Jet

Props where props are due:
More than 40 staff members and campaign leaders from Greenpeace Netherlands are still demanding that international program director Pascal Husting be dismissed. Husting came under fire last month for his choice to fly between his home in Luxembourg and his workplace in Amsterdam, the Volkskrant reports.

The staff members penned a letter to Greenpeace director Kumi Naidoo and Husting, writing that Naidoo should “considerate his position”, adding that the damage they have caused to the environmental organization can only be remedied by their departure, the paper writes.

The letter was not published, but spread amongst employees and signed by almost all important campaign leaders and staff members. The only missing signature is that of Dutch director Sylvia Borren who believes that dismissal is unnecessary.
Actually, good for them.  I don't agree with most of their policy proposals but I respect the integrity they are showing here.



Dave H said...

But don't they know that hypocrisy is how you defeat global warming? Carbon doesn't count if you're emitting it to save the planet.

Anonymous said...

"Props where props are due"

I think they'd also object if he commuted in a prop-job, instead of a jet.... ;-)

(All right, I'm an invertebrate punster who's spinelessly unable to resist a pun. So slug me.)

Overload in Colorado said...

Google say's it's a 3hr 45min drive. That's rather far to drive to work. The article say's he only does it twice a month, so that's less acceptable. Plus, he could take a train in 5hrs, but would need to change trains. (my search disagreed with the article)

I wonder what fuel sucking car he has, or is he driven?