Saturday, May 7, 2011

You know, a Mil-Surp store is a great place to get a range bag

#2 Son and I went to the Army Navy Discount store in Marietta today (Head west on Marietta Highway until you get to the Big Chicken, then hang a right).  It's a right cool place, and I'm sorry I didn't know about it ten years ago - they have some totally adorable clothes for toddlers.

But more to the point, they had a fine selection of Mil-Spec range bags.  I spent a bit more than I planned because they had a great compact first aid kit that seems like a good idea (I think Tam first posted about this).  Plus a flashlight, a survival-kit-in-a-can, and a canteen.

I sure wish I had my old Boy Scout canteen - in 1970, there was still a ton of WWII/Korea Mil-Surp around.  Today's canteens are plastic, not aluminum.

But all in all, a lot of fun.  And now my range bag is all Tactical!


wolfwalker said...

"Today's canteens are plastic, not aluminum."

[shrug] If you really want metal, then walk into any WallyWorld or Target and buy a metal water bottle. Not as big as a quart canteen, but still serviceable.

ASM826 said...

Brag on a tactical range bag without pictures? What are you thinking?

Jay G said...

Yeah, what he said.




Dave H said...

If you can still find one, the Boy Scout canteens from the mid-1970s were great. Aluminum, rectangular to fit in an outside pack pocket, and held 1.5 quarts. I still have mine, with scorch marks from where the cover burned off during a brush fire.

Keads said...

I concur with others. Pics please!