Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ah, the problems of too much traffic ...

I don't have them, either.  And Ann Althouse gets like eleventy zillion more hits than I do:
He's talking about going down because you get too much traffic. I've never had to deal with that issue. The idea of traffic as a bad, damaging thing... I've never blogged in that sort of environment.
But yeah, Google is pretty safe from DDoS attacks.  Of course that means to become the new Super Stud h4X0r, taking Google down is the new path to fame.  Of course, ever since people figured out that you can make big money in Black Hat hacking, nobody's particularly interested in letting their huge Zombie Botnet Army get exposed in a front-page attack.

I expect if some 1337 d00d actually figured out how to get his 15 minutes of fame this way, he'd get a knock on his door from the Russian Mafia.

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bluesun said...

Would they be telling him to back off, or offering him a job?