Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gentlemen prefer blondes Tories

It's AmIHotOrNot for UK Members of Parliament:
At the time of writing, the ladies' list on sexymp.co.uk appears to indicate that the gentlemen (and others preferring female boudoir companionship) of the internet have a decided partiality for Conservative women.

The top ten contains eight Tories and the bottom ten only one - ratios well in excess of the party's Westminster presence.


The story's not dissimilar on the chaps' list, with seven Tory hunks gracing the top ten: however, Labour have a heavy hitter in there with David Miliband lying at number nine as this is written (well ahead of his brother, party leader Ed, at 52, and prime minister David Cameron at 103).
Well, there you go.  What it means is anyone's guess, but while politicians may lie, the numbers never do.

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