Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Random Acts of Postal Matches

For all y'all who've been thinking about brushing off your .22 Rifle skills, ASM826 has a PDF target for you.  He gives the rules:
Borepatch is going to give us a distance and a position. His range is the limiting factor. (Was it 15 feet, standing, no sling?)

Then it will be 5 shot groups on each target, for a total of 25 shots. Any .22 caliber rifle, any sights. This is shoot what ya' got. Scan and post your results. Leave a link back to your site where your target can be viewed, or send a .jpg of the scanned or photographed target to ASM826(at)GMAIL(DOT)COM and I'll post them here.
OK, here's my bit:

RANGE: 25 yards

POSITION: Standing or Offhand

EQUIPMENT: .22 rifle.  Specify scoped or unscoped when you send your target to ASM826.

COMPETITION END DATE: 31 May, so you have through Memorial Day to practice.

ASM826 will post the results, for your 15 minutes of Intarwebz fame.


Keads said...

I'm in! I will even let my friendly competitors pick my rifle to shoot. Sounds like fun!

Dave H said...

Heh. We've got a 32-inch wide inkjet plotter at work. Not that it'll do me any good.

An excellent idea though. Thanks for setting this up!

Shy Wolf said...

I already claimed my position and can't deviate from that... and everyone else has to shoot standing on their head, holding the rifle one handed and sighting with the weak eye.
Best of luck to me.
OK- best of luck to all. :-D

Borepatch said...

Dave, thank ASM826. He kicked things off.

Shy Wolf, LOL.

ASM826 said...

Rules updated and expanded at

Anonymous said...

I am game.


Stranger said...

Hmmm. I have not exercised the Model 37 since 1955. Intriguing thought. Let's see if I have the rules straight, since I would hate to DQ because I did not follow the rules.

.22 Rimfire only. Any rifle, any ammo.

Five shots on each of the five targets on the printout, on 8.5 X 11" paper. Any backing and method of attachment. (Scrounged political signs for backing, staples, glue, whatever, for attachment OK?.)

75 feet from muzzle to target, - 0", + whatever beyond that.

Iron sights; any type.

Standing only.

Sling? No sling?

Group size or shoot out the dot?


Whit Spurzon said...

Tough iron sight target for my worn eyes but I'm going to give it a go.