Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I didn't do it

We haven't lived in Sudbury for six months:

No other ammunition or guns were found, police said.


In an email to parents, Superintendent/Principal Scott Carpenter said in all, more than 1,600 bags and more than 3,000 lockers were searched.
"Several people have speculated that someone who had recently been shooting a .22 caliber at a firing range may have inadvertently dropped the shell casings on the floor,'' said Carpenter. "In the interest of safety and in line with Lincoln-Sudbury safety protocol, we erred on the side of caution.''
Someone goes to the shooting range, and so they lock down a school.  But just remember, Massachusetts liberals are so much smarter than redneck Texans. [rolls eyes]

And yeah, while I can't stand that school, I have an alibi.


Anonymous said...

Like all of the frickin' liberals here in Wisconsin; I'm going to beat this drum.....we don't need to change the person in the presidency....we need to drill down deeper and wipe out the 6th and 7th layers of drones that inflict their stupidity on the masses.

Liberalism is a creeping disease. It has taken over the critical thinking that is crucial to our country.

The citizens of America need to change the cultural leaders of our institutions. Boot them out. Make the high school pricipal afraid for his job. All of the pricipals and supervisors and guidance counselors should be voted in every 4 years. Maybe if they knew that; then they would toe the correct cultural meme.


Mizuway said...

Casings. Not, you know, actual bullets or anything. What a load of cr##.
After they ban soda pop from schools...can we expect the same reaction to an empty soda can found on the premises? I feel safer already. Jeesh.