Thursday, May 26, 2011

Overheard in the Borepatchmobile

#1 Son and I are driving from Austin back to Atlanta today.  In Louisiana, we see a Fedex truck pulled over by two police cars.
#1 Son: He must have been hauling something bad.  Something illegal in Louisiana but legal in the other states.

Me: English Common Law?

#1 Son: Maybe he had an open beer.

Me: That's got to be the fastest way to get fired as a.FedEx driver.  The express lane to fired.

#1 Son: Of course, you can always spend an extra $15 for overnight fired.
The snark is strong in that one.

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UPDATE 26 May 2011 23:26: Safely home inside the Camp Borepatch security perimeter.  Man, that's a long drive from Austin.  Traffic was fine the entire way until the Atlanta Perimeter.  Not at all secure, that Perimeter.  Just sayin'.

Fixed the weird HTML codes, which is a story for tomorrow.  If my posts are late, it's because I'm asleep.


TJIC said...

> English Common Law?


Glad I'd already swallowed my soda before I read that!

Keads said...

LOL! Yes the snark is great with that one!

kx59 said...

The snark is so strong it has turned your post into html code.

Good one #1Son!