Saturday, May 28, 2011


Reading about the bloggers up in Knoxville for the machine gun shoot reminds me of how I was thinking about going, back a couple months ago.  It's only 3 hours or so from Atlanta.

Never mind that today's my anniversary, or that I've been in Austin.  I'm also surprised at just how achy I am from the 15+ hours in the car coming back.  I guess I'm not 18 any more (or even 40, mores the pity).

But dang, it would have been fun.


Guffaw in AZ said...


North said...

Happy Anniversary!

Dave said...

Happy Anniversary! Mine as well; 17 years today. Took my wife shooting, only her second time shooting and her first in a decade. She had a blast (literally?)!

ASM826 said...

I heard they do that shoot every year.

Happy Anniversary!

The Big Guy said...

Happy anniversary!

Don't sweat the 'shoot... they'll do another and hopefully some of us that missed this weekend's event can make it.


Six said...

Happy Anniversary PB. May there be many, many more.

RobertSlaughter said...

I'm sure looking into going next year, should this happen again.