Saturday, May 21, 2011

Quote of the Day - Roissy edition

Surprisingly, not at Roissy, but over at Sonic Charmer's place:

This all goes along with my theory of Ideologies As Sex Fantasies, which I’ll state more briefly here (from a guy’s POV):
  • Theocrats/fanatics want society to let them own women for exclusive sex. Their main worry is being cuckolded.
  • Socialists want to shape society so that it supplies them with easy women. Their main worry is not being attractive, successful etc. enough to get any sex.
  • Classical liberals/conservatives want society to stop shoving sex in their face. Their main worry is their daughter turning into a slut.
Women have not-identical but complementary for being attracted to one of the above ideologies, of course.
The comments are spirited, but interestingly do not address that last point on women's views.  Maybe it's because all the commenters are male.  I'm not sure if any of my lady readers want to go edumacate them or not.

Note to readers unfamiliar with Roissy: likely most women and a large number of men will be appalled at his posts.

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Sabra said...

Without clicking through, I can say that the last part of that, at least, ain't too far off. Not that I fear my daughters becoming sluts per se, rather that I don't want them treated as if sex is the only thing they have to offer the world. Which is pretty damned close.