Sunday, May 8, 2011

Léo Delibes - Flower Duet

Readers in the UK will recognize this song from British Air commercials.  Other readers will recognize it from Ghiradelli  commercials, or Godiva commercials.  It's quite famous, and most of you have all heard this before.

It's a striking piece - opera doesn't have many duets between sopranos.  It's from the opera Lakmé and is from the scene where Lakmé (daughter of a Brahmin) and her servant Mallika gather flowers by the river. Thus the name.


Dave H said...

So that's where that piece is from. Two things Google just can't help with are classical music and opera. How do you search something like this?

Thank you for posting this, and thanks to Mrs. BP for choosing it!

Borepatch said...

Dave, who needs Google when you have the lovely and opera loving Mrs. Borepatch?

Dave H said...

True enough, but there's only one Mrs. BP and she's taken.

(You lucky dawg!)