Tuesday, May 31, 2011

30, 40, 50

I was 31 when we bought our first house.  We did a lot of gardening and improvements, as the previous owners hadn't done much.  My triumphs were a linen closet in an empty space over the stairs, a wine cellar, and replacing the blower for the A.C. unit all by my lonesome.  My lovely bride was impressed that I could go to the electric supply store, bring home what to her looked like some J. Random piece of machinery, and get the house all cooled off.  It's not often I can impress her, so the memory is sweet.

I was 40 when I terraced the yard in our first house in Georgia with dry stacked stone set by my hands.  I added a pond with a waterfall.  It was quite striking and once again I found my lovely bride impressed with what I could build with my hands.

But it took longer than it would have, had I done it a decade before.

Now, in my early 50s, I find that I can do this:

Once again, I am impressed with what I can build with the sweat of my brow, a little smarts and planning, and my two hands*.  But boy, howdy, I'm getting old for this.  Now I understand why the military doesn't let guys my age enlist.  I may have marksmanship skills better than some of the young pups they find these days, but I just can't keep up.  I'd be a menace to the unit.  Oh, bother.

* Alas, this pond doesn't have a Queen Amidala's torture chamber.  Of course, the kids are going to college now, and have better things to do with their time (and my construction materials).


Southern Belle said...

It's beautiful!

North said...

Wonderful work!

Unknown said...

Very nicely done...
Happy Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Borepatch!

Chad Solivais said...

Looks great!

Timmeehh said...

Well done, old chap!