Monday, May 30, 2011

The day is mine, Trebek

Not done, but running.  Needs more water (tomorrow), needs more aesthetic fiddling (no ugly black liner or hose visible), needs water plants (bog irises), needs fish.

Now I need an ibuprofen cocktail, preferably with something lovely as a chaser.

kx59, run and hide from your lovely bride.  I can't imagine what this would have taken in that Texas concrete/clay.

The post title, of course, if from this:


soulful sepulcher said...

OMG! you did it! that is unbelievable, way to go, it looks fantastic. Get a chair and park yourself with MrsBP right there.

Just beautiful, thanks for sharing.

KurtP said...

WE have backhoes over here in Texas.

Southern Belle said...

He can't run and hide from me! I'm omnipotent.

That pond looks terrific, great job on it, I can't wait until my better half builds mine.

I'm not rushing him though. I managed to get a small garden out of him this year and we're planting some fruit trees hopefully next weekend. I'm ornery, but not cruel.


kx59 said...

"Now I need an ibuprofen cocktail, preferably with something lovely as a chaser."

I recommend a shot of Tito's or Dripping Springs Vodka. -distilled six times....
Pick some up on the next trip to Austin.

greg said...

Congratulations on completing a nice looking pond...I would love to have something like that someday, courtesy of a Bobcat or an Kubota though, not my back.

As for the Trebeck reference, thank you...the Jeopardy sketch's are the most consistently funny thing they have ever done on SNL.

Murphy's Law said...

That thing looks fantastic!