Tuesday, May 10, 2011


North's son is quite a man, even if he is just 14.


North said...

Thank you, Borepatch, for linking and the kind comment.

There are a lot of little proud father stories I can tell about my boy. This is the first time I've really felt that I know the man he will be.

kx59 said...

I posted a facsimile of this over at North's place as well. North certainly deserves kudos for doing a fine job of raising a stand up young man. But, nobody was really giving praise to the 14 year old North Jr.
So, says I, North Junior, kudos to you.

North said...

kx59: You are right. He deserves praise. I can take credit for a while, but the umbilical cord was cut long ago.

We are complimented that we have a great kid not only when he is with us, but when he is not. He is a kind person considerate to others especially when we are not nearby.

kx59 said...

well, you tell him I said so.
good job man.