Friday, May 13, 2011

Trampiness 101

Offered as a public service in the exceptionally unlikely chance that young lady readers are actually readers here, this actually isn't too bad a list.  6 things women do to look hot that men hate.  It includes this nugget, which made me scratch my head:
#2.)  Neon Lipstick.  It's becoming popular all of a sudden, and guys might eventually LEARN to like it.  But so far, they don't
Neon lipstick?  This must be a sign of the Lady Gaga-ification of America.

Damn kids!  Get offa my lawn!

Srlsy, neon lipstick?


bluesun said...

The other day I saw a woman who must have been about 75 years old who hit all those points except the glitter. Really.

North said...

I hate when I'm the only guy that doesn't have glitter transferred to him by the end of the party. Makes me feel unloved...

(Actually I'm glad because it makes me feel unwhored.)

Laura said...

The 80s have been back for a year or two...

Murphy's Law said...

I met a gal last year who was pretty hot except that she'd removed her eyebrows completely and drawn them back on. It was so creepy that I had trouble not staring and eventually just didn't even try to look her in the eye.

It killed what might have otherwise been something decent.

Dave H said...

To this guy, the most attractive thing a lady can wear is confidence. Everything else is optional.

BobG said...

Makeup should accent a woman's features, not try to replace them.

ASM826 said...

If it makes her feel attractive, I would never comment negatively about the color of her lipstick.

Matter of fact, if she wanted to dress like Lady Gaga and dance in the living room, I would be her rapt audience.

Bob said...

The eyebrow thing is my pet peeve, also.

For some reason I've tended to date women who didn't wear makeup at all.

Anonymous said...

It always seemed to me that women
are more interested in dressing to
impress other women then to impress
men. But then again I'm a man so
I obviously have no idea what I'm
talking about.

NotClauswitz said...

Neon Lipstick... isn't that some lyrics from a late 70's Elton John song?

Sabra said...

It always seemed to me that women
are more interested in dressing to
impress other women then to impress

Of course they are! Men are nowhere near as critical of women as women are of one another, but for some reason guys get the blame.

Take breasts, for example. Though I know a lot of guys who will express a preference as to size, in practice it usually comes down to "Yes, please." But women will go all catty about the size of another woman's breasts, be they too big or too small or too whatever.

Borepatch said...

"Yes, please" - LOL.

Sabra, your comment reminds me of Rachel Lucas' timeless rant on Sally Fields.