Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hard Pan much?

Once again, I find that I cannot understand why Georgia did away with the Hard Labor sentences.  This took all afternoon:

Rough calculations put the final pond at around 750 gallons.  For a while I was thinking that I had oversized the filter and pump.  The pump may indeed be, but the filter is bang on.

The waterfall will be where the pile of rocks on the large flat slab (furthest to the left) is.


Anonymous said...

Here in West Tennessee we have wind blown loess, very fertile soil but hard as concrete to dig. Next time use a rotor tiller to chomp up the soil, remove that layer then start again.

Anonymous said...

Oh for the love of....
Don't let my MBWITW see this!!
Cripes I am just finishing installing hardwood floors and all new hardwood treads, ALONG with new hand rail etc on the staircases!

She would begin suggesting this in a heartbeat!!

Good thing I do not let her see this site!
Bad bad influence it would be!!
And I want some time to go fishing and to the range this summer!!


ASM826 said...

Pick axe. Break some up. Remove with shovel. Repeat.

Trying to do it all with a shovel is a recipe for blisters and a sore back.

kx59 said...

curse you Borepatch! Belle has been talking about this very thing for 2 years now.
6 inches below the sod resides a strata of clay roughly a mile deep that when dry has the consistency of concrete.
I think I'll pass on the pick axe and go straight for the jackhammer.

Six said...

I'm feeling your pain BP. It's gonna look fantastic when you're done though. And just think of all the great exercise you're getting. Gotta have 20 inch guns by now!