Monday, May 2, 2011

H-S Precision rifles are best for the job

Especially if the job involves shooting mothers holding babies.

There's been quite a kerfuffle in the Blogosphere lately.  It seems that the guys manning the H.S. Precision booth at the NRA booth were
Lonely Pandas.  It seems that folks remember their insane marketing FAIL, even without being punched out thrown out of the booth.

Well, says I - didn't you do a Photoshop on this very subject, lo those many moons ago?  Why, yes I did.  Almost won Sebastian's contest with it, too (thanks to everyone who voted!).  And so, in the hopes that Google's voodoo ranking algorithms smile on me, this post is offered up to a (hopefully) grateful Internet.  If you find this post from doing a Google search for "H. S. Precision" or some such, you need to read up on the sort of folks they like to hang out with:
So. After receiving these unlawful, UnConstitutional orders, Lon Horiuchi did not man up and inform his superiors that he categorically refused to follow those orders. He didn't even keep quiet while refusing to obey them.

No. Lon Horiuchi not only accepted those orders, but he followed them to the letter by firing twice upon adult males who were armed, but not posing any imminent threat of death or serious bodily injury to Agent Horiuchi or any other third party.

During the firing of these two shots, Lon Horiuchi managed to quite neatly shoot Vicki Weaver (neither an adult male nor observed with a weapon) in the face -- while she was holding her baby daughter in her arms -- killing the 42-year-old mother graveyard dead.

Thankfully, he managed to miss the baby.

 And while I don't typically link-whore, anyone out there who has a hankering to link to this post will help nudge the Google voodoo algorithms towards enshrining their moment of infamy near the top of the search results.

Note to the H. S. Precision marketing department: if you want to reply, send a statement in an email or leave a comment.  I will post your email text unedited.  But before you deny that this happened, remember that the Internet is forever.


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I love the fact that they looked Soooo lonely in Weerds picture.

A message on H.S. Precission at the NRA Convention from Borepatch

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