Thursday, July 25, 2019

Ten years ago on this blog

This cracked me up.

Give 'til it hurts

Ready to head out to the Goodwill store? Better go over the checklist of items to drop off:

Clothes the kids have outgrown? Check.

Ugly Father's Day neckties? Check.

Claymore landmine? Check.

A land mine recently left at a thrift store was authentic -- but luckily inert.


A Goodwill employee familiar with military explosive devices found the land mine. An area strip mall was evacuated and a bomb squad called in.
I blame the Gun Show Loophole. We clearly need some "Common Sense" Landmine Control laws.


ASM826 said...

Found and updated the link to the story. The original link was 404.

KurtP said...

But it's not a land mine.
It's an antipersonnel mine.

Yeah, I know. Just like every piece of construction equipment is a bulldozer.