Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Ten years ago on this blog

I guess it's a good thing that a lot of criminals are dumb - it makes it easier to catch them.

The other inmates will laugh at them for this

So, how'd you get inta da Big House?

I robbed a gas station. Would have gotten away with it, but I ran out of gas:
KIRKWOOD, N.Y. (AP) - State police in New York say two Pennsylvania men robbed a gas station and might have gotten away if they had also fueled up. Troopers said they caught 29-year-old Lonnie Meckwood, of Carbondale, and 51-year-old Phillip Weeks, of Tunkhannock, after their getaway car ran out of gas while the were trying to escape late Monday night.
Offered without added snark, as it comes pre-mocked.


libertyman said...

See Jimmy Buffet's Great Filling Station Holdup:

"The Great Filling Station Holdup"

I pulled into the regular pump
I was feelin' quite at ease
I rolled down my window and told the man
"Fifty cents worth, please"
Then out jumped my partner
With his trusty pellet gun
He said, "Boy, this is a holdup
Keep pumpin' and don't run."

That would have helped.

libertyman said...

Buffett, I forgot a t